If you are blogging, then you better be pinning. Blogging and Pinterest go hand in hand! When used together you are able to scale your business, gain more exposure, increase in ranking and book more clients. Together they are the dream team and will make a world of a difference for you. Here are just a few of the many reasons you need both blogs and Pinterest in your business strategy!

Blogging and Pinterest for small business wedding photographers

Repurpose Content

The best way to be efficient in marketing online is to repurpose content. When you marry blogging and Pinterest you accomplish just that! Repurpose blogs by pinning every photo within the blog, its as simple as that! If you have more time to spare I recommend creating graphics with a brief description of the blog. This will catch the attention of more viewers and bring more traffic to your website.


Speaking of bringing more traffic to your website, blogging and Pinterest together can increase your SEO and again, bring more traffic to your website! The more platforms you appear on, the better! When you pin blogs you are sharing what is considered to be valuable content which search engines reward. You will get more credit for pinning an blog than just a picture because a blog as more content and value to the internet.


Your blogs are full of valuable resources and information, which you want to share. By pinning those blogs you have the opportunity of gaining more exposure, sharing your expertise and becoming a trusted member of your industry. Credibility is EVERYTHING! When you gain credibility you become a resource and more desirable to work with. Your competition becomes your community and your business will gain so much momentum!

Blogging and Pinterest are helpful as individual platforms, but together they become a total power house! Needing help getting started on Pinterest? Or maybe you want more guidance on how to marry blogging and Pinterest? Whatever the need is, I have got your back! Reach out and we will chat about how you can strategize with blogging and Pinterest.

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