If you are not offering some type of free resource, then you are in trouble! Offering a free resource to potential clients is one of the best ways to turn them into YOUR client. By doing so you are building trust, showing your value and setting yourself apart from other wedding photographers. Here are just a few ideas for wedding photographer free resources you can be offering clients today!

Wedding Planning Guide

A huge way to build credibility as a wedding photographer is to show your clients that you know what you are talking about is through a wedding planning guide. Here you are able to be seen as more than just a photographer, you are a resource. You know the best vendors, the perfect locations and any other needs your clients have. They want to work with you because of the trust they have in your expertise.

Engagement Guide

Kind of like a wedding planning guide, an engagement guide can be a resource to show that you understand the needs of your clients. A wedding photographer free resource like an engagement guide can be a lot more personal. Rather than focusing on the needs for a wedding, you can focus on the needs for a marriage. Give them date ideas, important conversations to have before the wedding day and some other resources for a successful marriage. This shows your clients that you care about them beyond the wedding day.

Outfit Ideas

This free resource is way more fun! Giving brides-to-be outfit ideas for their engagement session is a way to set yourself apart from other wedding photographers. Simply map out the seasons, add a few example outfits for each season and add images for a visual. This is a resource that you would probably want to update often as trends change and as you gallery grows. This is an awesome way to show off your work while providing value!

Location Ideas

The best way to show off your knowledge and expertise of an area is to share your favorite locations to shoot! Give a wide variety of locations so that you meet the needs of a range of clients. Think of locations you love that are in the city, parks, gardens, indoor locations, hidden valleys and meadows, quite beaches, etc. Including this type of variety gives you more credibility in your area as well as in your niche.

virtual assistant for wedding photographers give a wedding photographer free resources guide

Wedding photographer free Resources are such an amazing way to build your brand, your credibility and client base! Sometimes it can be difficult to brainstorm ideas, and creating them can be even more time consuming. Reach out and ask for help, I am here for you girl!

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