Running a business is some serious work! In the beginning you are able to handle a lot of the marketing and time consuming to-dos. But, as you start to grow you will noticed that you have a lot less time for those tasks. That’s when you know you need to outsource and hire a virtual assistant! And if you are not convinced yet, let me tell you exactly why you need a virtual assistant!

Get More Time

When you start your business as a photographer you dream of scouting out locations to shoot, getting to know your clients, and editing the thousands of photos you captured! You probably don’t love continually posting to Pinterest, learning Instagram’s new algorithm, and creating captions for every single post. When you hire a virtual assistant you get to say goodbye to the tasks that you don’t enjoy! You will have so much more time to create and get back to the roots of your business.


A huge part of my role as a virtual assistant is marketing. Things are always changing on the internet and it can be a lot to keep up with. Not to mention also keeping up with your audiences needs and new interests. When you hire a virtual assistant you no longer have to stay updated with all the new algorithms, trends and strategies. You don’t have to worry about the research that goes into analyzing your audience. You get to focus on your trade and your clients!

Good-bye To-do List!

As a business owner you more than likely have an ever growing to-do list! There is always so much to get done and only so much time. As soon as you think you have checked off ever item on your list another one appears! It can be stressful and overwhelming. Hire a virtual assistant and you will no longer have to worry about managing your to-dos, but even better you wont have to worry about doing them!

Outsourcing is one of the greatest things you can do for your business, as well as your sanity! Hiring a virtual assistant comes with a lot of concerns and unknowns. I would love to answer any questions you have and show you just how much a virtual assistant can help you and your business! Reach out and let’s talk about why your need to hire a virtual assistant!

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Why You NEED To Hire A Virtual Assistant