SEO doesn’t have to be scary, and should be something you feel comfortable with! Just like a lot of things in business, website SEO is something that needs to be worked on often and can be slightly time consuming. But, before you get really worked up, let’s look at the 4 things you can check your website for RIGHT NOW. Then, if you need more help, we’ll make it happen. But first, let’s start with 4 steps to increase your website’s SEO today! 

ps to increase your websites SEO for small business owners and wedding photographers


First thing I like to do is to check each and every image for website SEO. This can be long, and if I am being honest it is tedious. But it makes so much of a difference. Chances are if you are a photographer you have a ton of images on your website, which means you have a lot of opportunity for SEO! Make sure each image has alt text and a file name.


There are two types of keywords to focus on with website SEO. There are ones that explain your service and location. Be sure to identify each of these and be specific! Then embed them throughout your website, strategically and organically. Drop them in paragraphs, heading, image alt, text and basically everywhere you can.

Short & Sweet

Imagine you were to go onto a website you have never seen before and they had paragraphs and paragraphs of written content. How likely would you be to read through all of it? Unless it is a blog or article, you probably wouldn’t. Let’s keep your written content short and sweet!


Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your SEO because there is so much content to work with! Get in your ideal client’s mind and think about what type of content they would need. Not only are you creating value for your clients and credibility to your brand, but your are also doing yourself a favor when it comes to ranking.

I cannot stress how important your website’s SEO is. It really makes or breaks a business. If you’re missing any of these, reach out and let’s schedule a website audit!

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