As a wedding photographer your website is the center of your business and should reflect that! When potential clients visit your website there is zero competition. Everything is centered around you and your business. There are no ads, no one else’s photos, no distractions! Now, let’s talk about how to make your website successful and bring in new clients.

The secret to a successful website is having a successful home page. That home page is your first impression. It determines if a bride is going to scroll and learn more about your services, or if they are going to click away and find someone else to work with. A lot is riding on your home page, but don’t you worry! Have your home page answer these three questions and you will be on your way to building a successful website as a photographer.

Who Are You

Whether you are going to be trusted to capture their wedding day, or trusted to photograph engagement photos, you need to tell them who you are! On the corporate level, you are more likely to get a job you are interviewing for if you can make a personal connection with your interviewer. This principle is the same for wedding photographers! Don’t have your homepage focus solely on you, but throw in who you are by explaining what makes you and your process unique. Build trust and expound on how you are going to serve them on their big day!

Why You

Focusing on what sets you apart from other wedding photographers is the best way to keep your visitors on your website. Each client is different, and will want a one of a kind experience with their photographer, so tell them how you are going to deliver just that! This is where you will begin to sell yourself, as well as your brand. You are talented in ways that others are not. You know what the heck you are doing and have the experience to back you up, so tell them!

How You Do It

We all have the fear of the unknown. And if a bride is about to drop some major cash on one of their most important life events, they need to know how you do it! Your homepage needs to tell your potential client how you get things done. Have a simple outline of the process that shows how you are reliable and that you have your stuff together. Here are a few ways to explain the process:

  • How does the initial contact work? Direct them to your contact page and explain that you will email/call/message them within a certain amount of time. People want to have a time frame.
  • Do you have pre-wedding consultations? Tell that bride how you plan to meet with her and how you want to chat all about her big day and special moments she wants captured.
  • Do you go out to lunch? If you are planning on spoiling a client, let them know! You are not just taking photos at their wedding, you are providing an experience.
  • Shooting timeline? Share your timeline as a wedding photographer. How many hours do you offer, how ling until they get their sneak peeks, do you offer a wedding album. Talk your services up!

These three questions, answered genuinely and strategically, will bring in clients! However, there is so much that goes into building a successful website as a wedding photographer. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself because you are shooting and editing so many weddings, then let me help! Let’s chat!

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Secret to a Successful Website for Photographers