The benefits to Pinterest are amazing, and will bring you out-of-this-world success! My clients who strategically and consistently use Pinterest see more visits to their website, more bookings and over all more money in their business. This is why I focus so much on Pinterest with my Photographers. And I want you to focus on it too, so that you can have all the same success. Here is a simple and basic guide to Pinterest for Photographers.

It’s not Social Media

Pinterest is NOT a social media platform! You need to understand this before you even get started with your business on Pinterest. It is a search engine that people use for inspiration as well as to be sold on something, whether that be a product, service or idea. To find success you need to use Pinterest like a search engine. Find strong keywords that your ideal clients are looking for and pack them in your post.

Predict Trends

Never post about the season you are currently in, brides who are getting married next month already have everything planned out! Post about what is coming up. If you are currently in Spring, then post about summer or even fall. You will get more views and saves on your Pin, as well as more visits to your website! With predicting trends on Pinterest you really have to be ahead of the game. Research upcoming wedding trends for different seasons

Be Consistent

Everyone loves consistency! Not matter the platform or search engine, being consistent always gains rewards. Posting once everyday is much better that posting 5 pins on Monday and nothing again until Friday. Pinterest will reward you for pinning consistently new content, as long as you do it consistently and frequently. Something that can really help with this is batchworking and using a scheduling app.

Scheduling App

As a photographer you are BUSY! Because you don’t only have a very demanding job, but you also have a family, friends and other responsibilities. You probably don’t have time to sit at your computer everyday to pin. A scheduling app can help you plan ahead and will even post on Pinterest for you! Tailwind is the best, they analyze your account and find optimal post times for your viewers and maximize the amount of screens your images show up on! On top of that, they have a free trial for up to 100 pins! If you pin once a day, then that free trial will bring you to just over three months of pins! Give it a shot.

Trust the Process

It takes time, so you need to just trust the process with Pinterest for a little while. If you don’t give up you will see the benefits it has on your business and it will bring you a ton of success. Just like everything else in your business, it takes time to grow and see results! Continue to grind and post. Clients will come! And if you feel a little stuck I would love to help you out, just send me your info!

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Photographers Guide to Pinterest