Google My Business is so powerful and a great way to reach more clients than ever before! It’s so dang easy to use and allows more of your ideal clients to find you. All you have to do is put in 5-10 mins of work a day and inquiries will start pouring in!

By not having Google My Business set up, you are secretly killing your business. You are missing out on so many potential clients and so much exposure! Here’s where to start.

Set Up

Get that Google My Business account setup and verified! This doesn’t take long and is super simple. You’ll put in your information, business name, business hours, logo, and what service you provide. 

Next, Google will send you a postcard to verify that your business is where you said it was. Once you receive this in the mail you will enter the code on your Google My Business account. Then you’ll be set up and ready to post and get some new clients! 


Ideally you want to post on Google My Business as frequently and consistently as possible. Because you aren’t able to use a scheduler to post on this platform you will have to take the time everyday to post. Maybe you can only commit to 2 days a week, that’s great! Keep up with consistency and you’ll see results.

Google wants you to use their platform like a social media platform. Post images, a caption and hashtags. This will show up when people find you on Google. Perfect for your portfolio! We want potential clients to see what you’re about!


Another great perk is that this is a great link to send clients to write reviews. And the more reviews you accumulate on your account the better it is for your Google rating and you will gain greater trust with people who find you. Essentially, more reviews help create a strong business profile. 

virtual assistant explains Google My Business for Wedding Photographers

That’s it! No seriously, you post, and wait for inquiries to start hitting your inbox. You’ll be surprised at how little effort is needed for a great Google My Business account. I would love to chat more about how to apply and strategize with Google My Business with you!

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